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ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech Vietnm

Individual's  Future

We're algorithm provider and technology company for educational sector. 
Conduct new research and develop technologies that will change the way people think about education.
For the sake of each individual's future.


Hochiminh City, Tokyo Headquarter, Tokyo Branch Mejirodai, Shinjuku, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Shanghai, Chengdu

Business Portfolio

We are algorithm and technology provider which is focusing on the educational industry. 

Innovate the future of education.

1  —

Algorithm & AI Development

As our main business activity, we put most of our resources to Algorithm & AI development to create a dynamic algorithms that provide comprehensive solutions for your business.

2  —

Application Development

We are creating an educational application launching in China. Through our platform, we want to improve not only learners but also teacher`s experience. 

3 —

Research and Development

As a member of a big educational group, we collaborate with the other education company to research and develop both AI and application.

Our Specialities


Our company culture is defined by our belief in the corporate relationship between our developing team, management team, and advisors team. We value each member's creativity and strive to create a professional working environment. You are given the best opportunities to freely innovate their own solution ideas while also receiving all necessary skills to grow further.

Futhermore, we implemented future language base supported by our core value of integrity, aspiration, continuos improvement, openness with technology as a foundation for our company to achieve breakthough results.

Our Story

In the days before the Internet, current educational models were built on the premise of equal educational opportunity. These educational models ensure that everyone receives the same education by efficiently implementing education and its operation, resulting in a systematic structure based on a systematic lesson plan.

 However, it is not the best system for those who do not adapt to the systematic structure, and this was true for both teachers and learners. We concluded that developing an algorithm to achieve the concept of "Establishing a system of educational opportunities, not just a one-size-fits-all approach to education" through optimizing matching for teachers and learners was the best way to address these challenges.



© 2023 by ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech Vietnam Co., Ltd.

ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech Vietnam Co., Ltd.

We are algorithm and technology provider which is focusing on the educational industry.

Innovate the future of education.


No.41-47 Dong Du, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Collaborating with the leading educational company will enhance ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech`s algorithms researching and developing activities, expand our services to provide comprehensive solutions for your business.

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