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Starting With Vietnam

We are algorithm and technology provider which is focusing on the educational industry. For Sake of the Innovate the future of education


In the days before the Internet, current educational models were built on the premise of equal educational opportunity. These educational models ensure that everyone receives the same education by efficiently implementing education and its operation, resulting in a systematic structure based on a systematic lesson plan.

However, it is not the best system for those who do not adapt to the systematic structure, and this was true for both teachers and learners. We concluded that developing an algorithm to achieve the concept of "Establishing a system of educational opportunities, not just a one-size-fits-all approach to education" through optimizing matching for teachers and learners was the best way to address these challenges.


KEI Advanced Inc. is proud to be one of the few Japanese companies that constantly strives to support and update the Japanese educational environment. Based on our many years of experience in the education industry, we are conducting collaborative research and development with many Japanese educational businesses that provide educational services in order to obtain more diverse and real-world data for our algorithms.

Our development team consists of highly skilled data scientists and educational psychologists. We hope that by utilizing our algorithms, we will be able to create an effective and comfortable educational environment for both students and teachers. By doing so, we can contribute to improve the education industry in Japan and around the world.


Realizing Vietnamese`s strong economic growth and potential IT workforce, we decided to set up a new branch in Vietnam as a technical research and development center for all of our projects in mainly Japan and also China.

Our strategy is to build the Vietnam branch to become the primary technology center for developing and retaining core technology for our business. Our Vietnam branch will provide our algorithms to Japanese educational institutions as well as many other companies around the world.

Algorithm and AI Development


​We are expanding and implementing our unique algorithm, which is used in an application. We are creating a platform for matching students and teachers. Students can find the most suitable teachers based on individual characteristics.

Based on our research and development algorithms, students can find the most suitable teachers based on individual characteristics (such as hobbies, tastes, backgrounds, educational psychological factors, and so on). We can not only improve user experiences and create a community where both students and teachers can enjoy and relax while learning, but we can also strengthen and develop the ecosystem in China's educational environment. In the future, we hope to collaborate with external partners to scale it globally as a platform for our company's expansion.

Lisence Management



Our Goal

To become one of the world's leading providers of algorithms in educational Sector.

And expand to the worldwide in the future...

In the future, based on the algorithms developed in China and Japan, we hope to provide a plethora of algorithms solutions to improve the effectiveness of businesses in a variety of fields via the SaaS model.

Company Profile

ARSEN Kawaijuku Tech Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Established, 04/2022

Shareholder, KEI Advanced, Inc.

President, Katsura Ogawa

Auditor, Takashi Kishimoto

General Manager, Hang Nguyen

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